Robert Allard Benedict (10)
Birth:----- April 26, 1926
Death:---- July 28, 1985
Father:---Allard Augustus Benedict
Avis Honour Benedict

Spouse:--- Marie Winkler
Birth:------ June 8, 1932
Married:---- 1/14/51


1. Andrew Robert Benedict-deceased (1/31/52-10/4/99). Married Penny Ann Freeman Cash on 12/20/75. They had no children together, but Andy raised Penny's three daughters Rebecca, Katherine, and Julia. They have seven grandchildren: Steven Weber, David Weber, Michael Kegg III, Benjamin Osborn, Randy Osborn, William Austin Kuhner, and Alexandria Kuhner.

2. David Allard Benedict (8/21/53-). Resides in Lima, Ohio. Divorced; no children.

3. Paul "Bill" William Benedict, Sr. (1/14/57-) Resides in Wabash, Indiana. Married to Patt Byrd. One son, Paul William Benedict, Jr (2/25/76-) from first marriage to Tracy Pitcher; two stepchildren Ricky Byrd and Shanda Byrd.

4. Mark Olin Benedict (2/15/60-). Resides in LaFontain, Indiana. Married to Karen Jump. Two children, Brooklyn Rae Benedict Lopez (6/10/85-)and Eric Olin Benedict (3/23/89-) Brooklyn is divorced from Rudy Lopez. They had two children: Lucy Rae Lopez and Rudy Lopez, Jr.

5. Rebecca Marie Benedict Nukes (8/19/61-) Resides in Granger (South Bend), Indiana. Married to Todd Loren Nukes (3/3/62-). One son, Thomas Loren Tiger Nukes (10/30/99-). Ivorienne

6. Avis "Vori" Benedict-Dhabolt (12/15/63-) Resides in Yorkville (Chicago), Illinois. Married to Dennis A. Dhabolt (8/27/54-) Married on 9/25/99. One stepdaughter, Angela Dhabolt Long (11/5/74). Two grandchildren: McKenzie Marie Long (2/5/97-) and David Joseph Long (9/20/99-)

7. Stephanie Ruth Benedict (10/7/66-) Resides in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Married to Gary Lee Buchholtz (12/13/56). Married July 2000. No children.


Moved from NY to Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1953, and moved to Marion, Indiana in 1961


Pictures to ID

By: Lawrence Benedict
aka Larry Benedict