Oren Chilson Benedict (7) (#14 Below)
Birth:----- May 29, 1822 in Sheffield Massachusetts
Death:---- 1912
Rev. TIMOTHY (6)
Mary E. Chamberlin

Spouse:--- Emily L. Merrill (#15 Below)
Birth:------ May 1826
Death:----- 1919
Father:----  Philip Merrill, Pittsfield, Mass
Married:--- July 9 1848

Olin T. b. Sept. 15, 1851 (#13 Below)
Ella L. b. Nov. 17, 1852 (#12 Below)
Arthur M. Sr., b. July 21, 1854 (#16 Below)
Fannie M. b. Oct. 15, 1855 (#17 Below)
Susan b. 1862

Oren C. Benedict
Photo Taken about 1912

1. Arthur M. Benedict JR b. June 1896 (Son of Arthur M. and Clara)
2. William Hopkins, b. Oct. 2, 1877 d. 1945 (Married to Maude)(Son of Olin T. and First Wife)
3. Mary P. Benedict b. July 1864 d. 1942 (Olin T. Benedict's 2nd wife)
4. Aunt Jennie F Phelps b. 1870
5. Clara Elizabeth Phelps Benedict b. June 27, 1855 (Wife of Arthur M.)(Clara Nobel Clark's Grandmother)
6. Maud Benedict (Wife of William Hopkins Benedict)
7. Arvilla B. Benedict Noble b. Feb. 23, 1882, d. 1949 (Daughter of Arthur M. and Clara)
8. Carroll Everard Benedict b. Feb. 17, 1898 (Son of Arthur M. and Clara)
9. Edna Frances Benedict Wilson b. Dec. 28, 1883 (Daughter of Arthur M. and Clara)(Wife of Edgar Wilson)
10. Edgar Wilson (Edna's Husband)
11. George Olin Benedict b. July 30, 1890 (Son of Olin T. and First Wife)
12. Ella L. Benedict Humphrey b. Nov. 17, 1852
13. Olin T. Benedict b. Sept. 15, 1851 (Husband of Mary Benedict)
14. Oren Chilson Benedict Sr. b. May 29, 1822 d. 1912
15. Emily L. (Merril) Benedict b. 1826 d. 1919
16. Arthur Merril Benedict Sr., b. July 21, 1854 (Husband of Clara Elizabeth Phelps)
17. Fanny M. Benedict Hill b. Oct. 15, 1855
18. Allard Augustus Benedict b. Sept. 24, 1901
19. Geraldine Merrill Benedict, b. Apr. 4, 1899
20. Clara A. Noble Clark b.1904 (Daughter of Arvilla B. Benedict Noble and Chester S. Noble)
21. Zelma A. Noble Boss b. 1909 (Daughter of Arvilla B. Benedict Noble and Chester S. Noble)
22. William O. Benedict b.1909 d. 1915 (Son of William and Maud, Killed by Car)


Note: William Hopkins Benedict took this picture, he set a timer and ran into the picture behind his wife. That is why his face is hidden. He is the one who took most of the pictures on this site. This is a very rare picture of him.


House of Oren Chilson Benedict Corner of Tyler and Benedict (Old Farm House)

Benedict Rd

Pittsfield Massachusetts

Pictures to ID


By: Lawrence Benedict
aka Larry Benedict